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Everything we create is individualized to your needs, and we do not charge by the page. Instead, a detailed proposal is prepared for each requested project, including an hourly estimate for each itemized task. This allows our clients to choose only the tasks that fulfill their needs, interests, and budget.

The project total will be strictly calculated by adding the estimated hours for each chosen task.

There are no extra costs or hidden fees involved!

This dynamic approach allows us to build solutions ranging from several hours to several weeks based on the nature of the project/request. Our objective is to assure that our clients receive everything they ask and pay for.

To help meet these high standards, we are providing all clients with several complimentary items:

Domain Name (will be renewed for the life of the contract) Free*
Consultation / Requirements Gathering Free
Itemized Proposal Free*
2 Design Concepts Free*
Staging and Production Configuration and Installation Free
Demonstration and User Manual Free
Nightly Backups of the Website and Database Free
Realtime Web Statistics and Analysis Free
* The client has the option to purchase these items or receive them as part of the contract.

Our hourly rates are industry-competitive. 

We estimate our tasks in half-hour intervals, which allows us to avoid overcharging.

Save 25% on your First Project